Friday, October 1, 2010


Math-Shape Sorting Race!

Objective-OACS, Math, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Characteristics and Properties-2.Sort and Classify similar two and three-dimensional objects in the environment and play situations (e.g., paper shapes, 2 balls of different size).

Use any extra shapes you might have leftover from Monday’s art (or make new ones) and place them in two big piles. Separate out one triangle, one square, and one circle and start three new piles, one for each. Do the same for your child’s pile. Explain that when you say go, you’re going to separate out all of the triangles into one pile, all of the circles into another pile, and finally all of the squares into a third pile. You may need to help them do the first few. Play the game and then change it by having them sort colors next, then whatever else you can think of like size, sides, corners or round, etc.

Science-Picture Time!

Objective-OCAS, Science, Life Science, Heredity, Indicator 4-Match familiar adult family members, plant and animals with their young (e.g., horse/colt, cow/calf).

Get out a picture of your child and of yourself and talk about the similarities and differences.


Objective-OACS, L.A., Phonemic Awareness, Indicator 2. Hear sounds in words by isolating the syllables of a word using snapping, clapping or rhythmic movement (e.g., cat, ap-ple).

Read the poem from Tuesday. Go back and find a few words to separate into syllables. Model for your child how to clap for each syllable.

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