Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkins-Day 2

Field Trip Plans!

If you haven't considered taking your child to a real pumpkin farm-this would be the week to do so! There is a great farm, near Milford, OH, called Shaw Farms. Their website is www.shawfarms.com. You can take hay rides back to the pumpkin fields. It's a wonderful way to show your child first hand farming economics. You can purchase pumpkins at the farm. For extra fun, purchase a pie pumpkin and find an online recipe for homemade pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread.

Children learn through making connections through their life experiences. It is important for your child to take "field trips" and to gain a variety of experiences. I've overheard many teachers observing that students are lacking basic experiences and therefore have difficulties in school because they can't connect what they are learning to their life.


There is a cute book called "The Biggest Pumpkin Ever." It is a great little story to read with your child. As you are reading the book, ask your child to think about what’s happening and to make predictions for what they think will happen next. After reading, use the book to do some more paper clip measurements. It's perfect for continuing the math measurement lesson because the pumpkins in the illustrations are various sizes and can easily be measured with paper clips. This book also presents a chance to talk about the social studies standards of production.

Objective-OACS, L.A., Comprehenstion, Indicator 5. Predict what might happen next during reading of text.

Objective-OACS, Math, Measurment, Indicator 6. Measure length and volume using non-standard units of measure (e.g., how many paper clips long is a pencil, how many small containers does it take to fill one big container using sand, rice or beans?)

Objective – OACS, SS, Economics, Indicator 3. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of production, distribution and consumption through play (e.g., food from the farm to the grocery store) and concrete experiences (e.g., food purchased from the store and cooked at home).

Don't forget to read the poem of the week and do your daily calendar activities, too!

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