Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkins - Day 6

L.A.- Shaving Cream!

Objective-OACS, L.A., Writing Conventions, Handwriting, Indicator 1- Print letters of own name and other meaningful words with assistance using mock letters and/or conventional print.

It’s wonderful when preschoolers to use a variety of their senses to learn. We got out daddy’s shaving cream and wiped a large amount on the table. We took turns “drawing” in it. We reviewed letters and shapes, plus took some time to draw some pumpkins and other silly pictures.

Math- Paper Pumpkins

If you’re like us, you’ll probably need to continue working on your paper mache pumpkins. We are ready to paint our three pumpkins, so that is our goal for today.

NOTE-if going to the grocery you may want to buy a bag of Brach’s “Autumn Mix” for some other math activities later this week.

Science- My mom (who works in an elementary library) found a wonderful book called “From Seed to Pumpkin.” Lily and I are going to read this book and review the life science facts from last month.

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