Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkins-Day 7

Pumpkin Math!

I used a mixture of Brach's pumpkins and candy corn to do a variety of math activities with my preschooler.

A few ideas of how you can use this candy for math:

Capacity-Use pumpkins to fill various containers. See which container requires the most/least pumpkins.

Counting-line up pumpkins and have your child touch each pumpkin as they count them (this helps develop one-to-one correspondence).

Patterns-create a pattern using the candy such as pumpkin, candy corn, pumpkin, candy corn...and have your child extend the pattern. If this pattern is too each make it more diffcult like pumpkin, pumpkin, candy corn...

Graphing-give your child a handful of candy. Have your child sort and line the pieces up on a piece of large graph paper. Color in the graph.

Sorting-Hand your child a small amount of mixed candy pieces and let them practice sorting them into groups (all the candy corn in one pile and all of the pumpkins in the other).

Language Arts-Pumpkin Writing

OACS-L.A., Writing Process, 5. Dictate or produce "writing" to express thoughts.

You can choose from a whole variety of activities for this lesson. Here are a few ideas:

-Watch the Charlie Brown Halloween cartoon and write about what you would do if you saw the Great Pumpkin.

-Add sentences to photos from the trip to the pumpkin patch to make a scrapbook.

-Write a story about your visit (pretend or real) to the pumpkin patch.

....anything else your child might be interested in!

Craft-Pumpkin Jars

I saw this craft in Family Fun magazine. We took mason jars (accidentally just recycled all of our spaghetti and peanut butter jars right before this craft) and glued long strips of tissue paper to them. We cut out shapes (tying in math) to make a silly face. We used a real candle, but I would definitely suggest using a battery powere tea light to make this silly pumpkin jar light up. This would be a great craft to also do for Thanksgiving center pieces or for Christmas gifts. I will warn you that it can be a little frustrating for the preschoolers because the tissue paper rips easily when it's wet with the glue, and the preschoolers little fingers can get sticky easily, adding to the tearing paper problem. My little one loved this craft, even with the minor annoying parts!

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