What I Believe about Early Learning

I believe that preschoolers should be actively engaged in meaningful learning. Children are naturally curious and they retain the most when they are interested in what they are learning. Preschoolers will remember activities that are hands-on and interrelated. It is very important to integrate the varying subject areas when teaching a concept. It is also vital to incorporate critical and higher level thinking skills while teaching. These ideas will be the basis of all units and lessons that I plan. My main goal is that my daughter will develop into a life-long learner.

I do not believe that preschool should be rigid, should involve hours of sit-down work or worksheets, or should be the same for every child. Learning needs to be fun and children learn through play!

I do not claim to be an excellent preschool teacher by any means. I taught second grade and have little experience teaching preschool other than what my college degree required and the experience I'm gaining through raising my daughters. I'm sure some lessons will flop and my planning will grow and change as I learn from my mistakes.

The only reason I'm choosing to blog about this is because I'm hoping to increase the confidence of other parents. I know how overwhelmed I am feeling with trying to form a basic plan and some goals. I figured sharing our basic plan and activities would at least give some other parents a foundation for starting their own teaching at home. Remember, every child is different, so it's perfectly fine to alter these plans to meet the needs of your child!

Have fun teaching and learning!