Tuesday, September 28, 2010


L.A.-Fall Poem

Goal-OACS, L.A., Word Recognition-7. Recognize that words are made up of letters (e.g., c-a-t).

I found the poem below from the following site:


Red and yellow, green and brown.
(count off colors on fingers)
Leaves are falling to the ground.
(simulate falling leaves with hands)
We pile them up OH SO HIGH:
('pile' leaves with hands)
Then we JUMP in!
(pretend to jump in)
My dog and I!

I'm going to write this on a large piece of paper and hang it in the room. I will read it to Lily every day for the rest of the week and hopefully she will read along by Friday. I'm going to have her point out some familiar letters today.

Math-Grocery Shopping!

Objective-OACS, Math, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Characteristics and Properties-2.Sort and Classify similar two and three-dimensional objects in the environment and play situations (e.g., paper shapes, 2 balls of different size).

Today I'm focusing on sortig three-dimensional shapes. We have a play grocery store at our house and I'm going to have Lily be a stock person and stock the shelves with the empty cartons I have. I'm going to ask her to put all of the cans/tubes (cylinders) on one shelf, the boxes (cubes, rectangular prisms) on another, and the round ones (spberes) on the last. You can use items in your pantry for this activity, or any other objects around the house.

Science-Story Time!

Objective-OCAS, Science, Life Science, Heredity, Indicator 4-Match familiar adult family members, plant and animals with their young (e.g., horse/colt, cow/calf).

I don't like to pass up an opportunity to read with my little ones and this is a perfect objective to pair with language arts so we're reading today! We have lots of books about baby animals and their mothers. I'll ask her questions about the animals names and how they look similar to and different from the parent.

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