Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkins-Day 1

L.A.- “P” is for “pumpkins”

Objective-OACS, L.A., Writing Conventions, Handwriting, Indicator 1- Print letters of own name and other meaningful words with assistance using mock letters and/or conventional print.

Help your child practice writing the letter “p” and color a pumpkin. On a side note, your school disctrict probably teaches one of the two different handwriting styles, so you may want to check which style they use before you begin to teach your child to write. Your child's future school teacher (if you do not home school) will probably not be too thrilled if you have taught them to write a different form than what the school uses.

Math- How big is that pumpkin?

Objective-OACS, Math, Measurment, Indicator 6. Measure length and volume using non-standard units of measure (e.g., how many paper clips long is a pencil, how many small containers does it take to fill one big container using sand, rice or beans?)

Cut out a few different sized construction paper pumpkins. Help your child link together paperclips and count how man paper clips long each pumpkin is.

Social Studies –

Objective – OACS, SS, Economics, Indicator 3. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of production, distribution and consumption through play (e.g., food from the farm to the grocery store) and concrete experiences (e.g., food purchased from the store and cooked at home).

Plant a pumpkin seed with your child. Talk about how the seed needs soil to live (review from September). Talk about how farmers plant pumpkin seeds. Play farm!

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