Scientific Inquiry Learning

Children are naturally curious and have lots of questions! It is easy to turn their questions into great teachable moments if you understand scientific inquiry process.

Below are the steps for the basic process of scientific inquiry learning:

1. Question

Ask a question that can be tested. Great questions come from great experiences. Take your child to the zoo, hiking, to the aquarium, on a picninc, on a back yard critter search, cloud watching, etc.

2. Predict

After you've identified the question to test, predict what you think the result of the investigation will be.

3. Observe

Use the five senses to make observations.

4. Measure

Make observations using measurement.

5. Compare

Identify similarities and differences among objects or events (this can include measurement).

6. Organize

Compile and order data. Use illustrations, make object graphs, etc.

7. Interpret Data

Identify patterns or relationships in the data.

8. Communicate

Explain learned information orally, in writing, with pictures, or with modes.