Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday-Deer (birds)


Goal-OACS Geometry, Characteristics and Properties, 4-Identify, name and describe three-dimensional objects using the child’s own vocabulary (e.g., sphere-“ball,” cube-“box,” cylinder-“tube” or “can,” and cone-“ice cream cone”).

Decorate and glue two empty toilet paper tubes together to make binoculars. While working, talk about some of the properties of the tubes (they can roll on one side, one end is a circle, they don’t have corners, etc.) It doesn’t hurt anything to call it a cylinder while also calling it a tube.


Goal-OACS Life Science, Diversity and Interdependence of Life, 3-Observe and begin to recognize the ways that environments support life by meeting the unique needs of each organism (e.g., plant/soil, birds/air, fish/water).

Ask your child what they know about birds (they live in trees, they fly in the air, they eat worms…). Explain that God made the birds and he also made the air/sky where the birds fly. Use your binoculars to go on a nature walk and look for birds flying in the air. Point out how silly it would be for a bird to fly underwater.

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