Monday, September 20, 2010


The Letter "d"-

OACS Writing Conventions, Handwriting, Indicator 1- Print letters of own name and other meaningful words with assistance using mock letters and/or conventional print.

Model how to write the letter “d” and the sound it makes. Help your child practice writing the letter “d.” Look for objects/toys that start with “d.” Put a picture of a deer under the “d” in your word wall (if you’ve made one).

Grass Investigation-

OACS Life Science, Diversity and Interdependence of Life, 3-Observe and begin to recognize the ways that environments support life by meeting the unique needs of each organism (e.g., plant/soil, birds/air, fish/water).

Go outside and dig up two patches of grass (if you have any that’s still alive in your yard after all of the dry weather we’ve had!). Place one patch of grass into a bowl. Remove most of the dirt from the other patch of grass and place the grass into a bowl. Water them and place them in the sun. Talk with your child about what they think might happen to the grass patches. At the end of the week your child will record their observations in a science journal. I would also tie this in with studying the deer by talking about how deer eat grass and sometimes hide in tall grasses. My daughter and I will also talk about how God created the land and the animals and how he designed the world.

Building Blocks-

OACS Geometry, Characteristics and Properties,
4-Identify, name and describe three-dimensional objects using the child’s own vocabulary (e.g., sphere-“ball,” cube-“box,” cylinder-“tube” or “can,” and cone-“ice cream cone”).

Offer lots of boxes, cylinders, balls and other shapes for your child to play with. They may build with it, create a craft, or think of another way to use the materials. Talk with them about the shapes while they play.

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