Monday, September 27, 2010


Math/Art-Fall Shape Trees

Objective-OACS, Math, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Characteristics and Properties-2. Sort and Classify similar two and three-dimensional objects in the environment and play situations (e.g., paper shapes, 2 balls of different size).

Cut many different triangles, squares and circles from orange, brown and red paper. Mix all of the shapes together when finished cutting. Cut three rectangles from the brown paper to make trunks and glue trunks to a piece of green paper. Have your child glue the different shapes around the trunk to make a tree with one tree with only triangle leaves, one with only square leaves, and one with only circle leaves.

When Lily and I made this craft we talked about the characteristics of the shapes, the shape of the trunk and the parts of a tree. You can count the number of shapes on each tree, talk about colors, and more. *Tip-glue sticks seem to be a lot neater than bottled glue for this age!


Objective-OACS, L.A., Writing Conventions, Handwriting, Indicator 1- Print letters of own name and other meaningful words with assistance using mock letters and/or conventional print.

Model how to write the letter “Ff” and talk about the sound that it makes. Help your child trace the letter if they are developmentally ready for it. Find objects in the room that begin with the letter “f.”

Science-“Who’s My Mommy?”

Objective-OCAS, Science, Life Science, Heredity, Indicator 4-Match familiar adult family members, plant and animals with their young (e.g., horse/colt, cow/calf).

Find many different figurines with an adult and their offspring such as a cat and a kitten, duck and duckling, mom doll and baby doll, etc., and mix them all up. Have your child sort them into the matching pairs. This is a great activity to learn new vocabulary and to ask questions about the methods your child is using to sort the animals. There are some great opportunities to incorporate some higher level thinking skill questions here. See my page on Critical Thinking for tips.

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