Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Story Time

OACS L.A., Reading Process, Concepts of Print, 3. Begin to distinguish print from pictures.

Find a story about deer and read with your child. While reading, ask your child to point to the letters or the words, and then point to the pictures or illustrations. Spend a little time discussing your child's questions or comments about print and illustrations.

Shape Sorting

Goal-OACS Geometry, Characteristics and Properties, 4-Identify, name and describe three-dimensional objects using the child’s own vocabulary (e.g., sphere-“ball,” cube-“box,” cylinder-“tube” or “can,” and cone-“ice cream cone”).

We have a shape sorting toy and I plan to use it to reinforce the concepts boxes (cubes), and tubes (cylinders). While your child plays ask them if the cylinder can roll, or if the box can roll. Help your child identify other properties of the two shapes.


Goal-OACS Life Science, Diversity and Interdependence of Life, 3-Observe and begin to recognize the ways that environments support life by meeting the unique needs of each organism (e.g., plant/soil, birds/air, fish/water).

Check on your grass from Monday and make observations.

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