Thursday, September 23, 2010



Goal-OACS Life Science, Diversity and Interdependence of Life, 3-Observe and begin to recognize the ways that environments support life by meeting the unique needs of each organism (e.g., plant/soil, birds/air, fish/water).

Lily is having a hard time understanding how plants rely on soil, so we took a morning walk today and did lots of hands on activities. We took ended up digging in the dirt, looking for worms (we found the worm piles in the picture above), looking at wildflowers growing in the garden, and looking at roots. This seemed to help a lot. We're going to plant some pumpkin seeds in a cup to further reinforce the concept.

We also had a great teachable moment when we ran into the toad in the picture above. It surprised Lily so we got to talk about how God created camoflauge and how the toad looked similar to the dirt.

Language Arts/Math

Goal-OACS Geometry, Characteristics and Properties, 4-Identify, name and describe three-dimensional objects using the child’s own vocabulary (e.g., sphere-“ball,” cube-“box,” cylinder-“tube” or “can,” and cone-“ice cream cone”).

We are going to play with some letter blocks. I'll talk with her about the faces of the block/cube, the corners, etc., while we play. I'll also help her build a couple of familiar words.


We talked this morning about how deer eat grass, and how grass needs soil to grow in. I'm going to trace Lily's hands to make deer antlers and then let her glue them onto a brown paper bag. We'll draw a face on the puppet and write the word deer on it.

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