Thursday, September 23, 2010



"Dd" Treasure Hunt!

Language Arts

Goal-OACS L.A., Phonemic Awareness, 4. Recognize when words share phonemes (sounds) and repeat the common phoneme (e.g., /b/ as in Bob, ball, baby, /t/ as in Matt, kite, boat

Design a treasure hunt with clue words that begin with “d.” Say the words out loud with your child. At the end have a toy that starts with “d” or some type of food for a prize.

Go Fish!

Goal-OACS Life Science, Diversity and Interdependence of Life, 3-Observe and begin to recognize the ways that environments support life by meeting the unique needs of each organism (e.g., plant/soil, birds/air, fish/water).

The timing of this lesson worked out perfectly because we are supposed to go fishing this weekend. It will be a great way to investigate how fish need water to live. If you don't have a fishing trip planned in the near future, take a trip to Wal-mart and look at the fish in the aquariums. If you're feeling brave, and want to challenge your child with some responsibility, you might even try bringing home a goldfish for a pet!

Also remember to check on your grass science investigation. If you’ve noticed enough of a change help your child write/draw about what they observed in a science journal. You can be their scribe.

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