Monday, November 8, 2010


I apologize for the delay of getting these goals and activities up!

Here are the major goals/standards we are working on for November:

Math - Number, Number Sense and Operations

Week 1-

1. Count to 10 in the context of daily activities and play (e.g., number songs).
2. Touch objects and say the number names when counting in the context of daily
activities and play (e.g., counting cookies on a plate, steps on a set of stairs).

Week 2 -

3. Demonstrate one-to-one correspondece when couting objects (e.g., give one cookie
to each child in the group).
4. Determine "how many" in sets of 5 or fewer objects.

Week 3 -

5. Construct two sets of objects, each containing the same number of objects (e.g.,
5 crayons and 5 blocks).
6. Compare sets of equal, more, and fewer and uste the language of comparison
(e.g., more, fewer, and equal).

Week 4 -

7. Group and regroup a given set in the context of daily activities and play (e.g.,
5 blocks can be 2 blue and 3 green or 1 blue and 4 green).
8. Represent quantity using invented forms (e.g., child's marks to represent a
quantity of objects.)

Social Studies - History

1. Begin to use the language of time (e.g., day, night, yesterday, today, tomorrow).
2. Label days by function (e.g., school day, stay home day, swim day, field trip
day). For our family we use church, ballet class, AWANA, etc.
3. Begin to use or respond to the langage of time such as next, before, soon,
after, now and later as related to daily schedules and routines.
4. Share episodes of personal history from birth to present through personal
memorabilia or connected stories.
5. Arrange sequences of personal and shared events through pictures, growth charts
and other media.
6. Share personal family stories and traditions (e.g., photo album put together by
family members).

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