Monday, November 8, 2010

November - Week One

I apologize for not getting this posted sooner. I am a week behind so I'm not going to be extremely descriptive here.

For history we really focused on the first three standards, using the language of time (today, tomorrow, yesterday), labeling days by function (ballet, church, AWANA), and using vocabulary such as next, before, soon, after, now and later.

If you look closely at the picture you can see the ballet slipper stickers we put on Monday's squares, the little pictures of our church we cut our for Sunday's squares, and the Puggles pictures we cut out for AWANA on Wednesdays. We have also marked special holidays and birthdays.

Lily LOVES the calendar we have up in the play room and we've added pictures to it so she knows Sunday is church day, Monday is ballet, and Wednesday is AWANA. We talk about how yesterday was Sunday, tomorrow is Tuesday, today is Monday, and we have ballet today, etc. The calendar has really improved her vocabulary. I highly suggest making or buying a calendar and using it every morning. It takes less that a couple of minutes to update and she is learning so much from it. If you consistently use a calendar and talk about the calendar then I think you will sufficiently teach these first three social studies standards.

For math we worked on counting. We counted little items, food, etc. We sang silly counting songs like (One little, two little, three little turkeys, four little, five little, six little turkeys, seven little, eight little, nine little turkeys...ten little turkeys going "Gobble, gobble! Gobble, gobble! Gobble, gobble!"

For language arts we worked on the letter "t" again and talked about turkeys and Thanksgiving. We read Thanksgiving books.

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  1. Hey Nat, where did you find the blank calendar? I have been looking for something for Caroline and Grayson. I know it would help explain things so much if they could visually see it. Also, I LOVE the idea of cutting out the pics of church etc. so they know which day is what. They are always asking me!