Friday, November 12, 2010

November - Week 2 - Day 2

I See A Turkey!


I made a book for Lily today using some of the vocabulary from the preschool Dolche word list. I used clipart turkeys for the illustrations (printed in black and white and then colored in by me). Here are the words to the story:

Title: I See A Turkey!
p. 1 - I see a red turkey!
p. 2 - I see a blue turkey!
p. 3 - I see a yellow turkey!
p. 4 - I see one, two, three turkeys!

This book is simple but Lily enjoyed reading it. I am hoping to post a picture soon-my camera batteries are not working at the moment and need recharged!


I'm going to have Lily help me passing out some gummy snacks (give one to each person, count how many there are, etc.)


We are going to make a fairly large turkey body out of construction paper and then use a paper chain for the legs. We're going to cut out feet to glue to the bottom of the paper chain. Again, sorry for no pictures! I know it would be so much easier to explain with a picture! I hope to post them soon.

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