Wednesday, December 1, 2010

C is for Christmas!

Today Lily and I created a few more Christmas projects and I did an assessment on her alphabet reading skills.

Snowman Calendar

We made a construction paper snowman (I cut and Lily used the glue). I made 25 numbered circles on the snowman. Lily is going to glue one cottonball on a day. She gets practice reading numbers, counting how many days have passed, and counting how many days left until Christmas (how many cottonballs left in the bag).

Shape Christmas Tree

I cut out a piece of green construction paper into the shape of a tree. Then I also cut out a variety of construction paper shaped "ornaments." Lily got lots of practice identifying colors and shapes while she used them to decorate her tree. I also made a star and a trunk to help her practice location words such as "top" and "bottom."

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